Internet Resources

At our meeting in November 2002  our ‘Forum Focus’ session was on the use of the Internet in researching folk song.  As a result of this discussion we produced a list of useful sites.  Since then the Internet has totally transformed the way in which we do our research and has made many resources that would otherwise have required considerable time and travel to consult available to all.

This list, first produced in 2002, has been updated over the years and the latest version (6th Edition) was completed in April 2019. It is now available on-line – click this link to download.

Song Resources on the Web (Apr 2019)

There are some electronic resources that are available only to those who can pay to access them or which are only available through university or other academic libraries. One of the benefits that membership of TSF offers is meeting other researchers who may (within legal and copyright constraints, of course) be able to assist you in getting access to these resources.


Updated 1 May 2019